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Dr. Andrew Weil

A landmark book that illuminates how we have let healthcare in America become overpriced, ineffective and ultimately disastrous - and what we can all do to fix it.

Almost everyone who has been treated by - or works within - the American healthcare system at least suspects that it is deeply dysfunctional and on the verge of collapse. Although politicians have weighed in on all sides, in these pages bestselling author Andrew Weil, M.D. identifies the root of the problem. He shows precisely how American medicine, manipulated by profiteering drug companies and abandoned by government overseers, has lost its way. He then presents a solution that will not only make healthcare affordable, but will also dramatically improve the rapidly deteriorating health of the nation's citizens.

"We have a right to good healthcare," Dr. Weil states, "healthcare that is effective, accessible, and affordable." But our health is far from the best in the world, even though we spend more on it than the people of any other nation. The World Health Organization recently rated America 37th in health outcomes, on a par with Serbia. Meanwhile, our costs are more than twice as high per capita as those in other developed nations, leading medical care to become a leading cause of personal bankruptcy.

And it only promises to get worse. As Dr. Weil writes, "If predictions hold, a family of four, in the next seven to nine years, will spend around $64,000 annually on health care." Our healthcare system is on the verge of collapse and it has the potential to take our whole economy down.

The solution involves nothing less than the creation of a new culture of health and a complete transformation of medicine in this country, changes we can each start working on today. While it sounds daunting, the task is far from impossible. By embracing a commonsense medical philosophy known as integrative medicine, says Dr. Weil, "I am certain we will improve health outcomes and bring costs down…I invite you to join me in making it happen."

Hailed by the New York Times, noting that he "has arguably become America's best-known doctor," Andrew Weil, M.D. is a graduate of Harvard Medical School and founder and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona where he is a Clinical Professor of Medicine and Professor of Public Health. He is the author of five consecutive #1 New York Times bestsellers, including Healthy Aging and Spontaneous Healing. He lives in Arizona. Read more about Dr. Weil at his official website,

In this book, you will discover why:

  • An estimated 81 percent of Americans now take at least one prescription medication every day.
  • We are the only developed country without a national system of health care.
  • Exorbitant medical costs have become a leading cause of personal bankruptcy.
  • The health care industry generates enormous profits: The profit margin of three of our largest insurance companies in 2006 ranged from 26 percent to 29 percent.
  • America has a glut of specialists and a serious deficiency of generalists due to skewed pay scales: Internists may make as much as $204,000, but a radiologist can earn as much as $911,000.
  • Although new technology usually brings costs down, half of recent increases in the cost of health care are attributable to new technologies, including new drugs.
  • Without lifestyle strategies that promote health, chronic, degenerative disease will dramatically increase as baby boomers reach old age.
  • Few of the many pharmaceutical drugs on the market are actually safe and effective.
  • Safe and effective alternatives to drugs do exist: we should look to them first for managing the most common health problems.
  • We must change the education and training of all health professionals if we are going to solve the health care crisis.
  • Our long-term goal must be to shift our health care efforts from disease intervention to disease prevention and health promotion.

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People Magazine
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Feature story about the future of medicine, Dr. Weil interview

Town Hall and Live Events

92nd STREET Y 
A Conversation: "Andrew Weil: Why Our Health Matters"
New York City
Wednesday 9/9, 8:00pm EST

Queens University of Charlotte
Charlotte, North Carolina

James L. Hall, Jr. Center for Mind, Body and Spirit
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Institute for Science, Engineering, and Public Policy
Portland, Oregon

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Dr. Andrew Weil

"We do not have a 'health care' system at all," writes Dr. Weil in Why Our Health Matters: A Vision of Medicine That Can Transform Our Future. Instead, we have a “disease management system that is horribly dysfunctional and getting more so every day."

Dr. Weil's book details the many ways in which modern medicine has failed to live up to its promise. Costs have spiraled out of control: every 30 seconds, someone in America files for bankruptcy in the aftermath of a personal health problem. Yet we get little in return for these massive expenditures: the World Health Organization has placed the U.S. health system near the bottom of the world's top 40 nations, below Columbia, Chile and Costa Rica.

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As we await the book's publication detailing Dr. Weil's vision of how to set the nation's health care system back on course, come to our Why Our Health Matters forum and join the online conversation! Tell your story about how the current medical system has failed you. Or, if you choose, reveal a bright spot in the current system - tell us about a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare practitioner who truly helped you in your quest for optimum health. Medicine won't change unless patients speak up about what works and what does not - so please share your story!